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zombie bunker

Escape Rate: 80%

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Escape Time: 60 Minutes

Players: 2-6

Recommended Age: 10+

Humanity is nearing its end due to a pandemic.  A terrible virus has spread turning humans into the living dead.  A vaccine has been discovered in a nearby bunker that will cure the virus and give the human race a fighting chance, however, communication with that bunker has been lost. Most of it has been overtaken by zombies.  You and your team set out to the bunker to find the vaccine.  Your objective is to get the bunker powered up, find the vaccine and transfer its data.  Can you find the vaccine and place it for transfer before the zombies move in?  Be quick as the rest of your team is fighting them off and can only provide you cover for so long….


Escape Rate: 65%

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Escape Time: 75 Minutes

Players: 2-6 (2 can play but 4 or more is recommended)

​Recommended Age: 8+

Here you find yourself in a world of witchcraft and wizardry and in a race for the wizarding cup.  Your team is in the tournament but is already behind on this magical race.  Other wizards and witches have trapped you in the attic to put you behind.  Can you escape and catch up?  Complete the magical challenges to collect 10 medals to earn your way into the forest.  Navigate through the final challenge to earn the wizarding cup and escape before your time runs out.

the doll

Escape Rate: 20%

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Escape Time: 60 Minutes

Players: 2-6

Recommended Age: 13+

A father loved his daughter Millie so much that he opened a doll shop for her.  He made her all of her favorite dolls and they were both so happy.  Sadly, Millie was accidentally impaled with a workshop tool and died in her father’s arms but not before bestowing an evil curse upon Millie’s Doll Emporium.  The curse drove the father mad and to his death as he tried to desperately please her spirit.

Inez, an investigative journalist, is trying to capture the story behind the cursed shop and needs your help collecting evidence after her  many failed attempts.  She’s left some clues behind for you. You’ve entered the doll shop and now have a choice to make.  Will you give Millie what she wants and release the curse or disturb her and take the stake for evidence? Either way, Millie won’t make this easy for you and you risk suffering the same fate as the doll maker….


Escape Rate: 70%

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Escape Time: 60 Minutes

Players: 2-6

Recommended Age: 8+ 

Welcome to Springfield, an average American city that has been pretty quiet and under the radar up until now. You arrive and notice that all of the residents have disappeared and the electrical appliances around town are going haywire. The nearby power plant is about to explode, and you fear someone is behind all this chaos.  You set out on a mission to restore order in Springfield in hopes of getting things back to normal. Clearly, the house of Homer and Marge may have something to do with this. Can you find the source and prevent the meltdown in time?


New to escape rooms? This room is ideal for beginners or the young escape artist!

Please note that Expedition Egypt has dark lighting for consideration should that be a concern.

Escape Rate: 85% 

Difficulty Level: Easy

Escape Time: 45 Minutes

Players: 2-6

Recommended Age: 10+

After years of following a series of puzzles and clues, you and your team are led to the outskirts of the Egyptian city of Abusirra. After a week of combing the desert and the death of your local guide, you stumble upon the entrance of the tomb you’ve been searching for. At this point, you’ve spent countless hours wandering through the ancient labyrinths and finally reached the Tomb of Niuserra, the pharaoh of the fifth dynasty. In the midst of your discovery excitement, the entrance door has closed and you and your team are trapped. It’s getting dark and the air is thinning. There is only one way from here…forward. Can you make it out alive? Sacrifices may have to be made.
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